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Glam By Kiesbye was founded by Maria Kiesbye Scholtyssek, a nail designer. Maria has been in the industry for over a decade, has learnt many skills in her part time job as a Nail Technician. Originally trained in Bangkok, Thailand by Dasy Design’s skilled owner Sylvie. And now also by the new breeds of talented artist at Mastered - Nails by the one and only Mrs Marian Newman.

A few years ago Maria decided to remove Nail Extensions from her services and to only offer Natural Nail Care and Press On Nails. This was a large step into a new world of nails, that has had a massive effect on herself as an artist, and her clientele.

Maria is known for her creativity to design and to make an overall finish of personal designed nails. Each design being different and unique to each client, offering a service like no other.

Maria is not only a nail designer, she is also a wedding and event planner. Loves to work personally with her clients, and together create great memories. It also take her creativity to new places every day.

Maria's personal designed Minx Cover she created for Minx Nail Brief at Mastered in 2016. 

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Instagram: glambykiesbye

Facebook: Glam By Kiesbye