We offer wedding coordination, event design, and custom floral services, and we consider ourselves as multiple vendors under one roof— from start to finish. With a well conditioned logistical management to the full installation set-up of your wedding day, our services make sure that you will enjoy your planning process and have the time to plan for your travels overseas, and most of all enjoy your wedding day and feel that you are one of the guests.


Wedding coordination is about puzzling the puzzle, creating a solid foundation for a day that flows. With our hands wrapped around every logistic detail of your wedding, we will be your budget advisor, fee negotiator, personal stylist, and more often than not, your listening ear and personal counselor. We support you and advocate you as we guide the entire planning process and then monitor your wedding day from start to finish. From when you book your accommodation to transportation throughout your stay, to the last bit to send you down for the aisle… we will be with you, every step of the way.

Starting from 30,000 THB


Event design is about designing your personal wedding day and making it beautiful. We design beautiful flowers and see to all parts of your wedding day. We help you discover your vision of the day, which— along with your personal style— comes to life with our help. Every visual detail of your wedding will be your story. Together, we will think about textiles, flowers, and other details that will make your wedding day into a rememberable day.

Starting from 40,000 THB


Our personal flower style is natural, loose and romantic. We incorporate romantic flowers with the tropical ones you can find growing just around the corner. We do our flowers in-house. We buy our flowers from Holland and Thailand to make sure we find the right one for you. Our growing collection of bowls and vases, offer a wide selection of housing for your flowers during the day.

Starting from 20,000 THB